Terms and conditions

The way to your new web site consists of several steps:
  1. You place the order with a general description of what kind of a web site you need on the enquiry page.
  2. We check your order, ask you clarifying details and let you know if we accept the order.
  3. When the order is accepted, you are to make the refundable anti scum deposit*.
  4. We start to create your web site. It can take us up to two weeks.
  5. While creating your web site, we make three sample pages or goods with “lorem ipsum” text for you to have an example of how to fill pages.
  6. After your web site is done, it is located on our server. You can try it all over, the front side and the admin side for up to 3 days.
  7. In case you don’t like it and don’t want us to tailor it, we return you the anti scum deposit without a word.
  8. If you like it and want to buy it, we send a full web site archive (all files and databases) to your email or, if you want, we will install your new web site to your hosting account free of charge in one working day. Please note, your hosting plan should base upon Unix (Linux) OS, it should have a control panel with a file manager (CPanel or alike) and 1 free SQL database (2 free databases for a web store).
  9. After your web site is up and running same as it it was on our server, you carefully check it for 1 day.
  10. After you are convinced you have the same web site as it was on our server, you pay us the chosen package price minus the anti scum deposit which has already been paid.

100% risk-free! You are covered with 10-day money-back. Please see our money-back policy.

* The anti scam deposit 95 USD is paid in advance to our PayPal account after the order is placed. It is fully refundable in case the customer is not satisfied with his ready website.

General notes for all packages
  • Web store is built upon standart WordPress Woocommerce plugin with its “out of box” functionality. Any extra functionality is customer extra paid.
  • Google map requires your full address.
  • Google Analytics Integration implies that you can provide us your google analitics data required for the integration.
  • Social Media Icon Links Integration implies that you have required accounts in social networks (Facebook, Tweeter, etc.)
  • Premade design means that it is based upon not a unique template. Customer may choose among 3 different templates (template pictures or links to demo-sites are sent to customer’s email before the web site creation is started).