Pre-made websites

Our ready-made websites are fully functional ready to go web packages supplied with many necessary plugins to start a devoted internet project, such as a webstore selling t-shorts or a kindergarten website for example. We offer you a pre-made solution, not just a beautiful theme or a bare CMS (Content Management System). The only thing you need to do is just to replace the sample data (products, posts, pages, testimonials, contacts, etc.) with you real data.

We’ve been making websites for a significant period of time, trying different web engines, so-called Content Management Systems, the ones that cost money and the ones free. Using our experience we can make a subjective conclusion that the one of the best web engines, no difference paid or free, is WordPress CMS. This is why all of our pre-made websites are made on this CMS basis. The main advantage of using it is a simplicity for almost any user. Actually, the process of using WordPress is very simple when your website is already installed on your hosting and tuned to your needs.


Why WordPress

There are several quite noticeable benefits of using WordPress CMS:

  1. You don’t have to know html coding to add a new post, page or a product.
  2. When new updates are released, you have to do nothing, but simply select the stuff that needs updating (the CMS core, a theme, a plugin or a translation) in the Dashboard and press Update button. There is even easier way of updating – automatic updating, all the plugins of your pre-made website will be updated automatically without your participation. This feature can be set up in your account.
  3. Almost all the themes and plugins included in our ready-made websites have free and paid editions. All the themes and plugins have been chosen the way that their functionality is enough for the pre-made website purposes, BUT with the ability to extend their functionality to some extra functions when you might need them. To say in different words, you are able to upgrade almost all the plugins and themes to PRO editions. Yes, this is not for free, but prices are not high. For example, you want your customer to be able to include the shipping expenses into his order, the way that the shipping expenses are calculated automatically during the order process. Lets assume you ship by USPS. You will need a USPS extension for the Woocommerce plugin which is used as a shopping cart in our pre-made webstores. This USPS shipping extension costs only 79$ for a single site licence. But you might never need it! Moreover, very often there are free plugins and extensions that can cover all your needs not worse that paid plugins and extensions! For example, instead of paid USPS extension you can use this USPS shipping method plugin which basic functions are free.
  4. Extensibility. WordPress offers a huge variety of plugins and themes which are able to extend your website functionality in different ways.


What’s inside every pre-made website by

Every pre-made website listed in our product list consists of the following main components:

  1. WordPress CMS – the website engine.
  2. A theme – the design of the website. Our themes consist of a main theme and a child theme. Due to WordPress theme update process the child theme is set up as the activated theme, not to lose changes made to the theme when the main theme gets a current update. Every ready-made website has its own theme.
  3. Plugins – software that extends and expands the functionality of your WordPress site. Every ready-made website has its own set of plugins.
  4. Sample data – Our pre-made websites contain sample data – sample products for a webstore, sample pages & posts, sample juridical information, sample contact information, etc.

The pre-made website consisting of all the four main components listed above is stored in a directory bearing the name of the pre-made website, for example, if you purchase Clothing webstore, the files will be in Clothingstore directory.

We also provide our customers with a copy of MySQL database of the purchased pre-made website and a copy of the widgets structure of the purchased website. Two these files are located in SQL directory of the website. You might need them if you want to restore the default condition of the ready-made website. Just in case.

Docs directory contains a file with instructions on how to setup the pre-made website on your hosting. It also may contain some files with information that we might consider useful for the purchased website, for example it might contain a file with free tips to e-commerce or sample juridical documents such as copyright notice, privacy policy, etc.


How to buy a ready-made website

First of all, you need to choose a pre-made website you want to buy and thoroughly try it on a demo website.


Important: You will get exactly the same website what you see on a demo website.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page. We don’t want you to be disappointed with the purchase, this is why we are ready to answer all the questions that may arise.

If everything suits you right, proceed to the process of purchase.

The process of purchase is simple, add your chosen ready-made website into the cart and go ahead to payment.

When the payment is completed, you will be sent a download link to your email address.

Download the zip archive with your website.

That’s it.


If you want us to install the purchased website on your hosting, we can do it for free. See Free Installation page for details.



The purchased pre-made website by is allowed to be installed and used on up to 5 web domains. Not for resale.