Affidavit of De-Installation and Non-Use of Software

[print-me target=”body”]Affidavit of De-Installation and Non-Use of Software

To be printed on your Company’s letterhead (if licensee is not an individual) Product: website (domain name)

Name of Licensee:

Domain Name Licensed:

Purchase Date:


To whom it may concern:

I/ We hereby certify that I/we have removed the website software licensed by me/us under the web purchase stated above from all devices, digital storages, internet storages and websites on which it was installed and are not currently using, nor will use, the this website software in the future.

I/We further certify that I/we have destroyed all electronic documentation related to this website software.

I/We understand that when receives this Affidavit and confirms that all information supplied is correct, will refund the appropriate credit card or PayPal account.


I/We understand and accept the exclusions list:

  1. Purchase made more than 10 days ago.
  2. Cost of any additional purchase made on the basis of the customer’s request to expand the website functionality.
  3. Website hosting, domain name registration, domain name fee.
  4. Any losses attributable to problems with the purchased website. Potential or theoretical gain is not refunded as well.



Name of Licensee



Signature of Authorized Representative



Name (Please Print)